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    Shangilia day care center is supporting orphaned and the vulnerable children in Wagusu village Bondo District, Siaya County of Nyanza Province in western Kenya. Volunteer with children in Kenya!

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    Kvcdp offers volunteer in kenya internship opportunities in community development projects for support and cross cultural exchange with the help of local and international volunteers

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    Explore the wonders of Kenya as you serve to help improve the livelihoods of the less fortunate people in Kenya. Choose to sample some of kenya's top adventure safari packages.

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    Kvcdp in parnership with Texas A&M University students has been able to organize a free medical work camp program in kenya for the last four years on program operation Africa volunteers.

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Heart in Hand With Voluntary Work in Kenya

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Become a true citizen of the world through kvcdp volunteering programs. kvcdp volunteer programs let you break out of the normal tourist travel and make a real, lasting change on your volunteer abroad in Kenya programs

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Why Kvcdp ?

Kvcdp have been running volunteering programs, medical work camps in Kenya since 2005. We have so far handled over 5000 happy volunteers from all walks of life who share our vision that together we can make a difference

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Meaningful Travel

Kvcdp volunteer programs are open to all volunteers with the same spirit and welcome volunteers from all walks of life who wish to come to Kenya to share our commitment and care in supporting vulnerable communities.

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Volunteer Testimonials

Audrey Korenek - My feedback on the trip: Honestly it was the best trip of my life. I can't express how comfortable and how at home I felt in Africa. The people were the most amazing part and made all of us feel so welcome. I can't express how comfortable and how at home I felt in Africa. The people were the most amazing part and made all of us feel so welcome. The children were the sweetest kids I have ever met. The women's group of Wagusu were the most amazing group of women I have ever seen. I hope they continue to grow and keep up all of the work and dedication. What they have done for the community is so great and has really made an impact. I wouldn't change about my trip and I really hope to come back some day. Thank you Jackline Ouko and Albert Ouko for your hospitality and for the love you showed us. What you have done for your community is beyond words. I hope God continues to bless you both and all of the people of Africa. Audrey Korenek 666097456@facebook.com

On behalf of the 13 pre-medical students from Texas A&M University, I would like to thank you all for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity.The community members, administration, hospital/clinic employees, and children of Wagusu and the entire district of Bondo truly made each of us feel at home. This definitely was one of the greatest volunteer experiences I have ever had. For anyone who has the hopes of one day working in the medical field, I would recommend that they enroll in the Medical/Health Program that you offer. The opportunities we had while volunteering in the hospitals and clinics was beyond any expectation we ever had. We not only got first hand
experience in performing minor surgeries, taking blood, giving injections, assisting in labor, and going on mobile clinics, but we also got to be a part of something that changed our lives forever. We cannot thank your organization enough for everything you did to make our stay and experience a complete success. The way you are giving back to your community is truly inspiring. As future doctors, we hope to one day take with us everything we have learned from you, and change peoples lives the way you have changed ours. Once again, I would like to thank KVCDP from the bottom of my heart. May God be with you in all that you do.

With Love,

Shelby Sulak : <shelbysulak@gmail.com>

Dear Jacky,

We would like to thank you for providing us with this fantastic opportunity to learn and better understand the world around us. To open our eyes and see the new dimensions of love, humility, simplicity, respect in other parts of the planet. Thank you for the chance to help those 40 amazing children in Wagusu and thus the chance to feel the power of love and compassion through volunteering and community work. Thank you for your friendship, perfect hospitality and flawless organization of our entire stay, regardless of how tight and pre-planned our trip was. You always managed to meet our needs at the
best possible quality. Thank you for your huge heart that touches so many lives in Kenya, but also in the world through the volunteers. Thank you for the opportunity to make wonderful new friends and work with them, such as Rachel, Joy, Wilfred, Martin and others. We wish you endless strength to continue the work you're doing and we wish you all the success in this tremendous work.
Thank you for making the world a better place.

Gabriel Beko (gabrielbeko[at]hotmail.com)

Dear Jackie,
We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we have had over the last few weeks at the center. We think what you are doing is truly inspiring and we feel very proud to have been involved. We really do wish you all the best and hope the project will continue to expand. The community is truly blessed to have someone so dedicated working for their best interests. Thank you to you and the rest of the staff for welcoming us in such a kind way.
We hope one day we will meet again, but until then keep up the amazing work.
All our love, we will miss you lots, and best wishes for the future,
Emily, Franki and Olivia franki dammone <franki999@msn.com>

IRISH-STUDENT : E-mail rionaoverend@hotmail.com

contribute in many ways in community development while learning and experiencing
a new culture. Thank you

IRISH-STUDENT : E-mail manganf@tcd.ie

An excellent opportunity to volunteer in Kenya, it will give me a chance to see
aspect of the world that i have never been exposed to before and this broden my



E-mail sedunnarizona_99@hotmail.com

The healthy benefit from hard work in a natural environment, the cultural
experience with my host family was another benefit to my volunteer experience.
I am a hard worker with a great spirit and i am social and will share a great
deal about my culture